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What you'll get from our Keyword Reports

Our Keyword Report will give you valuable insight into your competitors marketing strategies. It will tell you every Keyword that they organically rank for in Google, Yahoo! and MSN. It will also tell you their position for that term in each of the engines.

What'll be included in your Keyword Report?

Each report includes an Adobe PDF file that is suitable for printing. The PDF will show you all of the URLs, keywords and the rankings in Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Each report also includes a Microsoft Excel compatable (CSV) file that contains the same data as the PDF. The CSV file will allow you to manipulate the data so that you only see the data that you need. It is also the easiest way to take all of the keywords returned in the report and use them for advertising in Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing or any other PPC marketing service. Can you imagine that everytime someone searched using one of the terms that your competitor ranks for, you showed up next to them? You could beat them at their own game.

The complete report is instantly available as a downloadable Zip file that includes both the PDF and CSV files. After you have purchased it, you will receive an email with a link allowing you to download the report again for free for 30 days.

Still not sure? Check out our example Keyword Report

All of our Keyword Reports include two files, a PDF and a CSV, each showing the same data in a slightly different way.


Because the number of keywords varies, the price for the Keyword Report also varies. To determine the cost of your Keyword Report, enter the domain name that you would like the keywords for into the form below and then click on "Get Quote". There is no obligation to order the report by clicking on "Get Quote".