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Our SEO Report is the Most Trusted SEO Report Available!

Benefits You'll Get From Our SEO Reports

Our SEO Report will give you valuable insight into how well your website is doing in ALL of the major search engines. UrlTrends is currently the only company that offers SEO reports that tell you how your site is currently doing and how it did in the past too. Knowing the whole picture will make a big difference in understanding how a site is growing and where you need to focus your attention.

Considering that we are tracking well over 15,500,000 different website's SEO progress, there is a pretty good chance that we are already watching your site too. However, if were not all ready watching the website address that you want to generate a report on; we'll give you a free report! Yes, if you purchase a report today and we have no previous data for your url, we'll give you a voucher that you can you can use to generate a second report for that url, free of charge*.

Check Out Our Example SEO Report

We know that you wouldn't consider buying something without first checking it out, and we respect that. So, all we ask is that you check out our example SEO Report. Try to imagine the different sections that are in the report as being completely tailored to your site, because that is exactly what our SEO Report does. Unlike other SEO Reports, ours is customized specifically for your site. If you can put your site in our example sites shoes and you like what the report is telling you, order the report. It is completely risk free, we even offer a 7-day money back guarantee on all SEO Reports.

Here's What is Included in Your SEO Report

Each section of the report includes not only the hard data, but also a complete, easy to read, plain English analysis that explains exactly what the data means and how it affects you.

Here is a quick summary of what is included in the SEO Report:
  • Link Popularity in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, AllTheWeb, AltaVista and
  • Search Engine Saturation in Google, Yahoo and MSN
  • All search engine terms and the positions held in Google, Yahoo and MSN - This alone is worth more than the entire cost of the report
  • Keyword Suggestions - Yep, we even give a few suggestions for keywords to optimize for
  • Top competitors that are effecting the sites rankings
  • Incoming and Outgoing links that are effecting your rankings the most
  • HTML coding practices - We'll analyze the HTML code on your page and try to offer some tips to improve it
The report size varies in length, but usually it is between 50 and 80 pages and costs $24.95 $19.95**. The SEO Report is delivered instantly after your order is placed via an Adobe PDF file.

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* Voucher will be emailed to you 1 month after the report is run and must be used within 1 year. Only valid for a report on the same url.
** This discount is time limited.