I have exceeded the daily search limit
We allow you to check ranks for up to websites per day. Or sign up for a free account to perform up to searches per day.

I receive an error message when viewing trends
The most common error message is "DOMAIN is not a valid URL. Please Enter Valid URL" which can indicate a number of things. Usually the cause is a domain that does not have a website or a domain that redirects to another website (we do not follow redirects).
"Invalid URL or connection to URL timed out" means that we were unable to connect to the website or the connection was very slow.

The ranks for a domain were last updated over a month ago
We do not update ranks automatically, however if you have an account, you can log in and refresh ranks older than days. Or sign up for a free account to perform more searches and refresh ranks.

Ranks show "No Data", but other rank checker websites show a ranking
They could be showing cached data or it could indicate an issue with our checking systems. Please contact us with the URL and as much other information as possible.